The Website Installer located in our Eaa Hosting Online Control Panel provide you with an actually quite easy approach to set up a brand new web site with a custom appearance within 5 min’s. It just takes only four simple steps for your site to be on the web. You can actually make a choice from more than 200 readily available web site templates and as soon as everything is completely ready, you’re able to take care of your brand–new site with ease. We will give you logon data for the administrative area and you should be able to begin including brand–new pages instantly. If perhaps, at any time, you need help – our tech engineers will be available 24x7x365, ready to help you.

The Website Installer is offered with every shared web hosting services, Linux VPS services, Linux semi-dedicated hosting services, and dedicated hosting package coming with the Eaa Hosting Online Control Panel.

A Webpage Installer For All

Publish a new web site without any specialized competencies

The webpage installation tool bridges the space amongst technically unskilled customers and complex site development and design and style. While using the tool, you will not have to possess any knowledge in CSS or HTML. You’ll simply need to choose how your website is going to look like and click on the Install button of the application. That’s everything. And then, you’ll be able to feature new pages and publish your own photos with merely a click of the mouse. No program code to write, no style to concentrate on. It is all is dealt with from the easy–to–use application in the background and is accomplished within seconds.

If, for whatever reason, you aren’t very happy with what you have come up with, you can anytime reverse the alterations and start over.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Site Templates In Your Hands

Set up your new site with a mouse click

To enable you to have your brand new website on the web immediately, we have crafted a selection of web templates from which to select. According to the purpose of your website, you will find a fantastic design template for your blog site or photo gallery or perhaps the perfect design and style for your personal portfolio. All design templates are available for absolutely free use within your Online Control Panel. We’re working to create brand new web templates depending on the latest style and design tendencies to be able to offer you a better choice for your personal websites.

200+ Free Templates

Night–and–day Support Service

Get in touch with us for help whenever you want

Our technical support department possesses a considerable experience in web hosting and is ready to assist you with any sort of complications you could have dealing with your web pages. Furthermore, you can find a detailed Regularly Asked Questions collection and a number of step–by–step educational videos that cover the most typical topics and issues. Eaa Hosting offers a one–hour response time frame guarantee, but, most of the time the client support team members are able to answer in just thirty minutes.

24/7 Support